Payroll payslip net pay

Would it be possible to modify the payroll API to report the payslip net pay? At the moment I assume it must be calculated from the other information in the payslip.

Alternatively, can you confirm how the net pay figure is arrived at from the other information, by which I mean the formula to calculate net pay from all the information in the payslip response?

However, I really think it would be better to report the net pay value that appears on the payslip, as tax laws and calculations can change, which should be handled by the experts at freeagent, not the API user.


Hi @rcrozier,

My name is Ewa and I’m one of the engineers here at FreeAgent — thanks for your message on our forum and I’ll do my best to help out.

At present, you can calculate the net pay from the individual attributes returned in the API response for a payslip. To mirror the calculation that happens behind the scenes when you view a payslip in the web view of FreeAgent, you can work out the difference between total gross pay (the sum of all of the attributes highlighted in green in the screenshot below) and total deductions (the sum of all attributes highlighted in red).

I understand that having to do this calculation yourself isn’t ideal, so I’ve created an improvement request on our public API Development Trello board to surface payslip net pay in the API response. I’d be grateful if you could add your “vote” to this card, so we can measure demand against other API requests.
As a result of your vote, you should also receive a notification when the card progresses through the development cycle.

Best wishes,


Hi Ewa,

Thanks for your helpful reply, I have added my vote to the card, and noted your explanation of how to do the calculation.

Best regards,


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