Payroll endpoint not returning data despite level 8 access

Hi there, I’m trying to access payroll data but get nothing.

The user I OAuthed with to get the token has level 8 (it’s me).

When I access just “/payroll/2022” I get back “{{“periods”=>[]}}”

When I try and access “/payroll/2022/0” I get a 404 and resource not found.

Of course when I log in the UI there is indeed payroll data for these periods.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Andy,

I’ve been having a look at the logs on our side and I can’t actually see any payroll data associated with the company you’ve been calling the API with.

If that isn’t what you’re expecting, it might be worth getting in touch with our support team, who should hopefully be able to help with your specific problem.

Many thanks,

HI Gerard, thanks for the reply! When you say the “company you’ve been calling the API with” do you mean user who I logged in with during the OAuth flow? If so I can successfully call the users endpoint and see right there the correct users of my company :thinking: so it’s very odd.

Hi again Andy,

Sorry, when I say “company you’ve been calling the API with”, I mean specifically the company with the subdomain “commitandrun”. I can’t currently see any payroll data for that company in our system, so if you can see some, it might be that the API call is looking at the wrong company, or that some other problem has happened that our support team could hopefully have a look at.