Payroll API endpoints returning no data

We have one company in particular that isn’t returning any data through the 3 payroll endpoints. The requests for profiles and payroll succeed, but the JSON returned is empty. The requests for payslips returns a 404 and says that the resource is not found.

Looking in the UI, payroll is configured for some users and for some years (but possibly not across the board)

Is this to be expected?

Hi Matthew,

Welcome to the FreeAgent API forum :wave: I’m Adam and I’m one of the Support Engineers at FreeAgent. I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

Firstly, can I ask what the permission level is of the user for that company that setup the API access? The API can only access the areas of the app that are accessible according to the permission level of the user who authorised the API. For accessing payroll information, this requires level 7 permissions. It would be good to rule this possibility out before investigating further.

Many thanks,