Pagination not working


As per the API documentation there is pagination possible with all the endpoints however when we are hitting the APIs we are not getting the response paginated. Below is an example for the TrialBalance API.

Request 1:
Request 2:

We are getting 51 records in the both the response with no pagination information. Can you please let us know what’s wrong.

Hi @kunalkhin ,

Ewa here from the Engineering Team at FreeAgent — thanks for your message on our forum. I believe your question has already been answered directly by one of my colleagues from the Integrations Team, but just for public visibility, the Trial Balance endpoint isn’t paginated; I suspect pagination wasn’t added there because we’d never expect this endpoint to return a high number of records. I realise however that our documentation suggests that all endpoints returning multiple items support pagination, so it’s something we’ve noted to fix (either in the documentation, although more likely by adding optional pagination to the Trial Balance summary).

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Best wishes,