OAuth2 this app only for accountants

Hello guys. I have sandbox application - ReceiptHub DEV with the checked box - Enable Accountancy Practice API. When I am trying to login in using this request URL FreeAgent : Login with my credentionals I see the next message -
This app is only for accountants. Please get in touch with the author of the application you’re trying to approve.
How to enter the application in such a situation?
Are there any options to know in advance or tell the application who is currently logging in?
Perhaps for the accountant you need to specify some scope?

Hi Vadimka,

Welcome to our API Forum! Thank you for posting, hopefully I can help you out here.

The “Enable Accountancy Practice API” is to be used by applications that will interact with a Practice Dashboard rather than individual Companies. If you are trying to connect to your application through a FreeAgent account rather than through a Practice Dashboard, then you need to disable the Accountancy Practice API in order for it to work.

I hope this helps!