OAuth 2.0, Chrome and redirect

Hi JDKochan,

I’ve just tried it here on the FreeAgent production API with Chrome using
the Google OAuth Playground as the client and the authorisation process
works fine for me when passing the redirect uri in request.

Kind regards,

GraemeOn 20 March 2013 12:46, JDKochan jerzy.d.kochan@gmail.com wrote:


I am working on a web app and just finished first step of authorization
process. There was a problem on Chrome. Client was not redirected back
to my page after log in when ‘redirect_uri’’ was passed in the request. I
had to add it in developer dash board to the app setup to make it
operational on Chrome. On Firefox and Internet Explorer works fine both

I do not know if bug is in the FreeAgent API or Chrome itself, but this
was few hours wasted.

Just letting you know,

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