New Tax Period value is incorrect

Hi There,

Thanks to the community help I have been able to pull the VAT figure from Trial Balance using the API.

I am able to pull the correct figure for the period 1st April 2021- 29th June 2021 however, I am not able to get the correct figure for the current period 30th June 2021 - 30 September 2021.

The figure returned is a positive of the previous period i.e -£20,000 is +£20,000

The previous figure has not been paid as it’s due in August. How can I correctly retrieve the current period’s Tax in the same way?

Any help is greatly apopriciated.


Hi there Jason :wave:

My name is Katie, I’m one of the Support Engineers here at FreeAgent. Thank you for your patience, and I hope I can help you out with your query!

I have some questions for you in regards to the request you are making, so I can better understand what is going on.

  • Firstly, could you please send me the two requests you made to the API, so that I can check the request itself is what we are expecting?
  • Could you let me know what figures you are seeing in the Trail Balance in the main web app? Are these the same as the figures you are getting back from the API or different? (the URL for this looks something like: )
  • Which nominal codes are you looking at?

Kind regards,

HI Katie,

Thanks for the response. Here are some answers to your question below:

This is the first request that returns the correct value for the Tax period ( -£17766.2 )

This is the second for the current period that returns £17766.2

We are trying to calculate the tax owed in the current running period so would expect to see tax calculated from 01/07/2021 to the current day. We are looking at code 819

Hope this helps

Hi Jason,

Thank you for providing the above info!

Could you please check in your FreeAgent account that is linked the API to see if this balance is showing as the same value for the same date range? This will help me determine if it’s something isolated just to the API, or if it’s within the app itself.

You can check this by going to Accounting > Reports > Trial Balance
You can then choose “Custom Range” from the dropdown, and enter in the date ranges you entered into the API query. This will list all items within that range including their codes.