Nested estimate items parameter

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there’s a brief thread from 6 years back about getting all nested estimate items, analogous to the nested invoice items (nested_invoice_items=true). Any news on that? We’re trying to pull all estimates incl. their items, which runs into the limit of 15 token refreshes per minute when requesting each estimate individually. Could you suggest a workaround? Are you planning on implementing this parameter?


Hi @florianziegler,

Thanks for your questions! Firstly, we haven’t as yet implemented an equivalent for the nested_invoice_items on estimates, and it isn’t currently on our schedule. I understand that it’s less than optimal to have to make multiple requests per estimate, but that is the way you’d need to do this right now.

However, our rate limits for requests shouldn’t be an issue for you. But you say you’re hitting a problem with token refreshes? Our access tokens currently last for a week, so you shouldn’t need to refresh the access token for each request. Instead, you should be able to re-use it for each one. This will allow you to make 120 requests per minute (as per our current rate limits).

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Hi @florianziegler

We’ve also decided to prioritise the work to put the nested_estimate_items parameter in place on estimates, and this is now live. You can see the details of how it works in our documentation:

Thanks again for your question!


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Wow. That came unexpected.

I think there’s a bug with the parameter when it comes to pagination. The next and last page URLs that the header gives me seem to lose the parameter:; rel=‘next’
vs.; rel=‘next’

Thanks for spotting this, @florianziegler. We’ll address the bug and update this thread once it’s fixed.

Anup Narkhede

Hi @florianziegler,

Just a quick message to confirm that we pushed a fix for this issue last week. The pagination links should now retain the nested_invoice_items parameter :ok_hand:

I hope this helps and thanks for flagging this oversight.

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Dave J