Need to amend product price in 300+ recurring invoices

We have hundreds of recurring invoices that have product rows in them. When we update a product price we have to manually spend days going one by one through every invoice; changing the invoice to draft, editing the price etc.

We’d like to automate this task via the API.

Reading other posts, it looks like recurring invoices are read-only via the API.

Does anyone have any suggests to help with this? FreeAgent support advised me to create an account on here so I am able to ask their developers.

Hello, yes API access to recurring invoices is still read-only, and I’m not aware of any workaround, we are in a similar position.


Are there any FreeAgent developers on here that can offer any suggestions? I was told by FreeAgent support that creating an account on this forum was the official way to contact the API developers.

Hi Lewis,

Welcome to the FreeAgent API forum! I’m Steven, one of the Support Engineers here at FreeAgent :wave:

Thanks for your question – I’m sorry you’ve been directed here and not received a prompt response.

I’ve spoken with our engineers in the team responsible for recurring invoice profiles and unfortunately, updates to price list items being carried through to recurring invoices is something we don’t currently support. Our current functionality only uses the price list item to fill in the details of a recurring invoice line item and once the invoice is created, there is no longer a link between the two. I’ve asked the engineering team responsible to log a feature request for adding such functionality and they will be looking into the viability of this.

Alternatively, as you’ve mentioned, if updates to recurring invoices were possible through the API, I understand how this would make the task of updating each invoice much simpler. Currently, we don’t have an API endpoint for doing this. I’ve therefore logged a second feature request with the relevant team to record that both yourself and Darren_Northfield have been in touch to request this.

Both of these feature requests will be given thorough consideration in line with our processes and prioritised appropriately.

I’m sorry that we can’t do anything more to help with this problem right now. Feel free to post again if you need any help with other aspects of the API.

Kind regards,