Need help setting up for auth

I’m struggling to understand the docs’ confusion auth guidance.

I just want to access my own FreeAgent account, I’m not creating an app for other users.
Is OAuth still required? Do I still need to do OAuth before I can get a simple access token?

The quick start docs suggest I should create a whole other FreeAgent account in Sandbox. Why?
(What is Sandbox? It’s not explained).

Google OAuth Playground suggests the access token expires in something like 3600 seconds.

Does this mean it will never be stable?

All I want to do is use the API and ImportJSON to pull my data into Google Sheets.


The Sandbox is a ‘test’ enviro incase you want to test out things before you start pulling data from live. IF you are happy with just going straight into yuor live account then just remove the .sandbox from the URLs.

You need to ‘create an app’ to allow for the API to in essence aknowledge the user that is creating the connection. (links your account to the request)

Yes you need an OAuth to get any sort of access token.