Minitab macro integration

I would like to create a Minitab Macro (EXEC) to get FreeAgent data, download to excel and then import/analyze/report using Minitab statistical tools.

Ideally this flow would be automated fully including FreeAgent logon (2-step authentication), extraction and excel data downloaded to my laptop. The remaining data import, analyze and report automation through Minitab I am familiar with.

I can manually export data from FreeAgent but like to know if API could enable this first.

NB. I have simplified automation workflow for integrating FreeAgent data with Minitab statistical tool but unable to upload as “new user”.

Hi, Beau.

We don’t have any specific integrations with Minitab. You’ll have to implement the OAuth handshake, though, so I do not think you’d be able to fully automate that.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Minitab experience so we can’t help there but, if you have specific questions about using the API, let us know.

Pat George, FreeAgent

Thanks for reply Pat George.
No problem, I will automate the Minitab analysis/reporting steps after the manual download to excel from FreeAgent.
Regards, Beau