Migrate Scripts

Hey All,
On the off chance anyone can help save me dozens of hours work…
I have to migrate from one FreeAgent account to another due to a tax year change.
Has anyone got any scripts to help copy and recreate bills/invoices/every other element?

Please :slight_smile:

Take a look at Fabio. Not a scripting interface, but an end-user app that can be used to export BILLS, INVOICES, CONTACTS, etc to CSV file, then reimport into a different FreeAgent account.


Alas that is incredibly expensive.

I’ve just scripted and completed a migration for my 3,123 invoices, that would have been £300, not to mention the bills and other elements still to go.

That said, now I’ve got the scripts I might create my own cheaper version to compete :slight_smile:

Then choose the “unlimited” option at £95 for month 1, then £15 monthly thereafter. Covers Invoices, Bills, Contacts, Expenses, etc with no limits.