Make the Purchase Order field more obvious on an invoice

My clients will reject an invoice if there isn’t a purchase order visible.

On the invoice templates, there are two issues.

First, the PO number is tucked under “other information” - whereas this is essential information for many big organisation to pay it. I would rather it was nearer the top and clearer.

Second, it just used the abbreviation “PO” - with more and more organisations using machine learning to crawl invoices for data, using the full word “Purchase Order” would be better.

Would it be possible to update the templates to the PO was clear at the top of the invoice, right under the invoice number, and use the word Purchase Order?

This would reduce the number of invoices rejected.

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Hi there :wave:

Thanks again for reaching out. I can see how having the Purchase Order information being presented in the ways you suggest could be useful.

I’ve logged this as a feature request for you, which means this will get triaged by the correct team for consideration in due course.

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+1 from me!

It’s rather important info.