Make Contacts and Projects searchable

Hello! Every time I have to find a project or a contact in the database I have to go through the whole list in alphabetical order and hope I can find them there.
Would it be possible to add an open “search” button at the top? That would save us so much time!

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Agree with this but think your talking about the main freeagent web app.

What would also be great would be some way to search for an existing contact via the api

I’m trying to only create a new contact if a contact doesn’t already exist but no way to filter the result.

Would be great if we check against an email address.

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Hello @Elena_Zini & @Lee_Standell :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I’ve just logged a couple of feature requests, one for for adding search-like functionality for contacts and projects on the UI, and another for supporting the retrieval of contacts via the API by filtering based on the email and/or billing_email fields. We’ll be looking into the viability of both these feature requests, in line with our processes and prioritise them appropriately.

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I can confirm that filtering of contacts by email would be very useful. Please provide this!