Lightyear software not recognising FreeAgent meta data

A client has installed Lightyear Invoice Payment software, the idea is that I email my pdf invoice direct from FreeAgent to Lightyear software and payment is scheduled by reading the meta data that accompanies my pdf Invoice from FreeAgent.
I’m now informed by my client that FreeAgent does not generate meta data for my pdf invoice, therefore payment needs to be undertaken manually by them which could take in excess of 21 days to do.
To date I’ve not come across this problem with other clients when using other automated payment software.
Is FreeAgent truly incompatible with Lightyear Payment Software?.
Clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Good morning,

This discussion forum is specifically about our API integrations, but our Support team can provide information about compatibility with other packages. Please contact them using the details on our Contact Us page - either phone, email or online chat.

Chris Howlett