Latest import date for Bank accounts

Hi there

We’re looking to automate some of the processes and would like to ask you if your API supports Latest import date for Bank accounts. We consulted the documentation, but could not find such a value.

Please can you advise if such a value is possible to be obtained via API, and if not - can it be implemented as a request?

Thank you

Hi Dan,

My name is Dave and I am one of the Support Engineers here at FreeAgent.

This is just a quick message to confirm that we’ve spotted your request and we’re looking into the feasiblity of exposing this attribute via the v2/bank_accounts end-point.

For now, to ensure this request doesn’t get lost in the noise, and to allow other API users to register their interest, I’ve captured your request on our public API feature development board:

Please do take a moment to add your vote to the Trello card and we’ll keep the board updated with any updates :thumbsup:

Kind regards,
Dave J