Journal entry question

I just wanted to double check something with the journal entries. Normally when we POST a journal the expenses would be in the debit column and the assets and liabilities in the credit column. We’ve exported a few journals today and have noticed it is reversed for FreeAgent. I just wanted to double check this is right as I know some products do it this way?

Hello Tim, apologies for the delay. I’m Gerard, one of the software engineers at FreeAgent.

Not sure if this completely answers your question, but the way the FreeAgent API for journal entries works is that the value entered under the debit_value key is always treated as a Debit when the passed in value is positive, and as a Credit when the passed in value is negative. I had a sanity check of our logs and it looks like this is working as intended.

I’m sure you’ve seen the API documentation which has a little more information, but I know it doesn’t explicitly mention this.

Please feel free to get back in touch if you have any other questions.

Many thanks,