Is URL encoding supported?


The bank transactions endpoint accepts an updated_since query parameter. The docs give an example of:


Is it acceptable to encode the colons as %3A? For example:


The API doesn’t visibly object to a value like this but I just want to confirm that FA doesn’t silently drop the timestamp portion (i.e. after the T) when colons are encoded as %3As.

Many thanks in advance,

Andrew Stewart

Hi, Andrew.

I’ve confirmed that, yes, Rails takes the URL encoded params and decodes them appropriately.

Started GET "/v2/bank_transactions?bank_account=123456&updated_since=2017-08-17T09%3A00%3A00.000Z"

Parameters: {"bank_account"=>"123456", "updated_since"=>"2017-08-17T09:00:00.000Z"

Hi Pat,

That’s great – many thanks for taking the time to check it.

Much appreciated,