Is there a way to find out which user OAuth-ed?


After the OAuth dance to permit a client application to access a user’s FreeAgent account, is there a way for the client application to know which user account was involved? In other words, which FreeAgent user the actual user logged in as?

Many thanks,
Andrew Stewart

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your question! If I understand your it properly you can our me User endpoint ( to find out what user is currently accessing the application. You can find the (minimal) docs for it in the "Get Personal Profile " section of the user endpoint documentation. I hope that gets you what you need! If not, do let me know.

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Hi James,

Perfect, thank you! That’s exactly what I was after.

(I have never noticed the “Get Personal Profile” section before, partly because it isn’t listed in the sidebar.)

Thanks again,

Oh, that’s an interesting point, which I hadn’t noticed. I’ll put a note down to get this addressed soon.



Just a wee update on this: today we’ve updated the documentation so that the “Get Personal Profile” section is better filled out and it is now listed in the sidebar of the page. Thanks again for your feedback Andrew.