Is it possible to order bank transactions?


I am trying to use the bank transactions endpoint to get the transactions from an account which have been updated since yesterday, which is basically the last statement upload. There are about 20,000 of them.

I am getting pages of 100 at a time but the API responses consistently slow down dramatically around the 14th or 15th page, and eventually timeout for good (with a read timeout of 120 seconds) before I’ve reached 30 pages. I’m going to need 200 pages…

The docs don’t say there’s a way to order the transactions retrieved. If there were, I would be able to keep track of where I have got to and start subsequent requests from that point.

Is there an undocumented way to order the results? If not, could an ordering be added?

Many thanks in advance!

Andrew Stewart


Hi Andrew,

We’ll take a look at this for you and come back with an update shortly :ok_hand:

Talk to you soon,
Dave J

Thanks, Dave, that’s great.

By the way the transactions endpoint isn’t giving me any results now – it times out on the first page.

Dave, I’m now querying the transactions endpoint for just 1 day’s worth of data at a time. It still takes 60s - 90s (or longer) per page.

Do you think there’s an index missing on the database somewhere?

Morning Andrew,

Thanks for the updates, one of my colleagues is digging into this just now. Don’t worry, your message is starred in my inbox so we won’t forget to come back with another update. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the trouble, here!

Talk again soon,
Dave J

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for flagging this. We’ve identified a performance issue here and are actively looking to resolve it. We’ll get back to you soon with an update.


Hi Andy,

That’s great to hear! It’s much worse when nothing wrong can be found :wink:


Hi Andrew,

We’ve deployed a change to the bank transactions API that fixes the performance issue you were seeing last week.

Could you let us know if this improves your experience?


Hi David,

Yes it does: I get each page of 100 results in a second or less and there’s no slowdown around the 15th page.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the rapid fix.