Is it possible to link Klarna and Braintree via API?

Hi all

I am looking for a solution which simplifies our bookkeeping process and I think the only way to achieve this is with some API development.

We are having to manually export all financial data from PayPal, Braintree and Klarna due to integration deficiencies (PayPal - the integrated / automated transactions do not include shipping country, so it is impossible to work out if any VAT is due) or because the integrations do not exist (Braintree and Klarna).

I was wondering if you had any ideas as to how we can automate the process via API i.e. payments in or out are automatically added to FreeAgent and if this is even possible, as I have very limited knowledge of how API would work in terms of linking 2 or more software platforms.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards