Invoices not pulling through for project listed second

We have an invoice that is shared to two different projects.

Under “Contact and Project”, the contact is listed followed by project one, then project two.

The API call we do to get invoices for project one pull through correctly however when doing the same API call but with project two we get nothing returned.

Has anyone else had this issue or could this be a bug?

Hi, Aaron

This does look like a bug. Depending on your workflow there is a workaround, though. When you get the invoice it includes an invoice_items array. That array contains, among other things, the project assigned to each invoice item which you can use to get all the projects for an invoice. (This leads us to another bug in our documentation - it doesn’t mention the project param in the Invoice Items Params section).

I’ll get cards written up for both on our Trello board. The documentation one should be pretty quick but I have no ETA your original one.

Pat George, FreeAgent


I’ve created the cards:

Hi, Aaron.

Just a quick update that we’ve updated the documentation on Invoice Items. I know this was the lesser of the two issues but we’re still looking at the first one.

Pat George