Invoice Send Attachments

Can you add Attachments to the emails that send Invoices? Via the API. You can do it within the Web App but I can’t seem to see if you can via the API

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your message on our forum. I’m afraid at present you can’t upload ad-hoc attachments to invoice emails using the /v2/invoices/:id/send_email . I’m not sure if this applies to your use case, but if you’re specifically looking to enclose attachments for expenses rebilled on an invoice, what you can do is pass an attach_expense_receipts: true key-value pair in your POST request body, which will include those in the e-mail (you might have noticed that expense attachments can be uploaded via the API). It looks like the attach_expense_receipts attribute has been added fairly recently, and not yet included in our documentation, so I’ll make a note to add it in.

Best wishes,


It’s to attach supporting documentation to the charges in the Invoice, so I can’t see that adding Expenses attachments is the right thing to do. As it stands the only email our system doesn’t send itself, is our outbound Invoices so I think we will rebuild it ourselves, and download the PDF templates from your API as part of it. Thanks for the feedback.