Invoice creation - is this possible?

Hi there,

I’m not a developer, but am wondering if the following is possible so we can find someone to create an API for us:

  • Someone pays us via Stripe/Paypal (without having been sent a FreeAgent invoice) or Braintree - ie: they pay us independently of the FreeAgent system
  • The API then creates an invoice in FreeAgent, pulling in the amount, working out the VAT and adding in what the payment was for
  • The API marks the invoice as Sent

Many thanks!


Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your message and apologies for the delayed response!

Absolutely, everything you’ve described should be achievable using the FreeAgent API.

You can create an invoice with the appropriate line item(s) and sales tax rate(s) and FreeAgent will compute the total value for you. Here’s the documentation for invoice creation.

It sounds like, upon receipt of the funds via 3rd party (Stripe, PayPal, Dwolla), you’ll want to do more than simply mark the invoice as sent, as the invoice would still show as outstanding in FreeAgent.
Instead, I suspect you’ll also want to create a manual invoice receipt, to clear off the outstanding balance and have the invoice shown as “Paid”?

To add a payment to the invoice, you’ll need to create a bank transaction explanation with the paid_invoice_id set to the database ID of the invoice being paid off.

I hope this helps get you up and running.

Happy Holidays!
Dave J

Hi Jamie,

Yes! You can use DoubleAgent which I built to do exactly this (along with a couple of other things). It saves me a lot of time, anyway.

It supports Stripe and GoCardless payouts, but not Paypal or Braintree.

Andrew Stewart