Integrating freeagent with our online platform for automated accounting operation


Our online platform “mita” is connecting Clients with their local Service providers. So when a client is booking a service provider, both are getting notified and upon delivering the service, the client is paying us using a stripe payment gateway. Then we pay the Service providers after cutting our commission. We pay them weekly & monthly.

Now is there any way that we integrate our platform with FreeAgent in a way that creating those invoices automatically while paying in and paying out ?

We have software engineers to create and integrate api with our system. Using freeagent api, if we can create clients, service providers, generate invoices with mita-client, invoices with mita-service providers, payment notifications from stripe, process weekly/monthly payment distribution, employee salaries, then please let us know how we can do that. An example would be very beneficial for us.

Hope i was able to make you understand our requirements.



Hi Kazi,

I’m not from FreeAgent but I run a complementary platform (DoubleAgent) which connects to Stripe and FreeAgent and automatically reconciles Stripe payouts. If you choose to reconcile with invoices (there are a couple of other ways too) the system will do a good chunk of what you want.

It doesn’t handle salaries or anything like that though.

Andrew Stewart

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Hi @friendzahid,

My name is Ewa and I’m one of the engineers at FreeAgent — thanks for your message on our forum.

If you’d like to go down the route of writing your own integration with FreeAgent, I’d say the best place to start would be to take a look at the API documentation on our Developer Dashboard together with your software engineers to see if it meets all of your requirements — you’ll see our API allows you to create contacts (clients and service providers), add and send invoices, and record payments. Some payroll actions still have to be done in the FreeAgent app, but our API offers read-only access to RTI payroll data generated in your FreeAgent account.

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Great! Using api, if we can create contacts (clients and service providers), create invoices, send invoices and record payments, that would be perfect initially. We can start integrating.