Information needed and mapping fields?

Im a startup business thats books show a small profit however without the stock information present. I am hoping to get my books done sooner rather than later and have a developer who has asked me if I can tell him the information needed and the mapping fields he can integrate this information.

i’m not a developer myself and my attempts to code in the past have caused issues so i leave it to the pro’s now but I have no idea what to tell my developer so he can’t really help and I don’t think he has time to join up and ask himself as he works on a few projects, although he would if he had more time as he really is helpful.

Obviously freeagent support couldn’t assist much and advised myself or the developer could ask what is required exactly.

a full drop shipped computing section needs to be skipped and i’m not sure how i would do the ebay side of it either but if for now I can at least get my stock value onto my freeagent without having to count hundreds of pokemon single cards etc. i’d be one step in the right direction at least :slight_smile:

I use Zen cart at the moment and it has everything there apart from stock cost so what do I need to get to freeagent from Zen cart and what mapping fields associate with that info for an import by say .csv or automatically via api?

or do i need to be looking at a different solution such as a third party stock solution that integrates too freeagent and ebay and allows the updates from zen to be inputted? the option I found so far i stopped investigating when i seen the zen to stock software part was a monthly charged module. I would rather have something built and share it with the community for free, that in turn gets more people potentially using zen and more modules get made that i want by others doing the same is the thought there :slight_smile:

I’d love to solve this and get some form of epos system for a store in place in the process which i have found options for on Zen cart but maybe someone has the complete solution suggestion reading this?