Importing QuickBooks data?

Hi All,
Just starting to use FreeAgent and looking to import some historical
transactions from my QuickBooks accounts system. I’ve imported my
Clients/Contacts using the CSV import facility, and as far as I can
tell that’s about all I can do via the user interface, so I guess I’ll
need to import anything else using the API. I can easily get the
transactions I need from QuickBooks into an Excel spreadsheet, so I’d
like to like to import them from the spreadsheet into FA. I’ve had a
good look through the API documentation and at some of the examples,
but I’m having a hard time translating what I’ve seen into something
that would work from within Excel. I’m happy enough writing VBA code
& have done so in the past for a similar exercise with the Paymo API,
but some aspects of the FA API I find very confusing. The Get Token
process seems to require that I create an app and specify a known URL,
which I don’t have! Is a URL required, or can I create an app and get
a Token without one? I went through the process here and eventually got a Token
which seems to work ok from a command window using CURL.

My main problems are:

  1. How do I use the oAuth process from a desktop application like

  2. All the API examples I’ve seen use CURL, which I’m not very
    familiar with. Are there any examples that use VB or VBA?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.