I want to use a BR tax code

I want to use a BR tax code for payroll. I have a letter from HMRC instructing one of our employees code has changed to BR Week/Month 1.

When I enter the BR tax code in Freeagent’s payroll I get an error warning which ironically states BR codes are accepted. What am I doing wrong when I enter the code?

Error screenshot: Screenshot-2023-07-30-164653 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB


Thanks for getting in touch. I can have a look at our logs to try to narrow down what happened. Would you be able to share your company’s subdomain? It’s the first part of your FreeAgent URL, e.g. mycompany.freeagent.com. I can use that to try to see what the issue is.

If you’re not comfortable sharing it here I think you should be able to send me a direct message as well.

Many thanks,

Hi Garard,

Thanks for your reply.

In the end I managed to get the tax code to work.

All I needed to do was use the letters BR. I was trying to type in the letters and number into the tax code field.

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