How to get Contract/PO Number for a project


I want to see if you can help me with this…

I’m trying to get de Contract/Po from a project, can i do this??


Hi @Oscar_Alanis,

Thanks so much for your question! As you may have seen from the documentation, you can get the Contract/PO Number from a project. However, it looks like we don’t make it clear that this attribute depends on the access level of the user.

Some FreeAgent users can see everything on an invoice, and some can only see a limited amount of information on an invoice, depending on their permission level. If you are having difficulty seeing the PO Number on a project, try using a different user with higher access levels, or change the access level of the existing user.

You can find more information about access levels in our Knowledge Base.

We’ll update the Developer documentation to make this more clear.

I hope that helps!


It works perfect…