How to find who you are with Accountancy Practice API


If my user authorises my “company” application to connect to FreeAgent, I can find out who they are like this:


However if my users authorises my practice-enabled application to connect to FreeAgent, how do I find out who they are?

As far as I can tell, all I can do is get the list of the practice’s account managers but there’s no indication which one the user is.

Would it be possible to support something like:


Many thanks,

Andrew Stewart

Hello Andrew!

Thanks as always for your thoughtful posts. I can confirm that we don’t currently offer a way for an application to get the details of the currently active account manager. To help me raise a feature request for this, are you comfortable sharing what you’d do with these details? In other words: what problem are you trying to solve?

If you’d rather share privately, you can message me directly on this forum.

Thanks again,

James Bell

Engineering Manager

Hello James!

Thanks for picking this up :slight_smile:

To sign up to my app, a new company user goes through the oAuth process to allow my app to talk to their FreeAgent account. Once they have approved my app, I can call /users/me to find out their name and email etc, and then I can create a user record in my own system with their name and email etc. So I never need to ask them to type in their name and email address.

When an accountant signs up, they go through the same oAuth process but at the end I only know their practice and its managers, not who they actually are. So when I create a user record in my own system I don’t know what name or email to give it. I then have to show the user a list of managers and ask them to choose themself, which is a slightly weird user experience :wink:

To summarise, I need to know a user’s name so the UI can display it on their profile and I need the user’s email address for transactional emails such as password-resets. I would like the user not to have to type in their own details. The problem I have is that I can’t do this behind the scenes for an accountant; I have to ask them to tell me who they are first. It’s not a big deal but it would be nice to streamline.

Thank you!

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