How to calculate Profit and Loss metrics using Invoices

I currently have an extract of the Profit and Loss table for January 2023.
I also have Invoices for the whole of 2023.

I want to calculate the Profit and Loss Turnover total using the Invoices data but I am unable to reconcile the figures.

I have been using the ‘dated on’ to provide the Invoice month and ‘net value’ to get the turnover total.
Are these the correct fields to use?

I know that the figures won’t match exactly as there are accruals/deferrals that also go into the P&L (which I think I can get from Journals?) - but the totals are not even close and the turnover also does not match when broken out by lower level category.

To summarise I am looking for the logic that goes into the creation of the Profit and Loss turnover figures (including lower level categorical breakdowns).
What tables and transformation are required beyond the Sales Invoices?
What fields are relevant in the Sales Invoice data?

Hi Harry,

Welcome to the FreeAgent API Forum :wave:. Thanks for taking the time to post your questions here. If you log into your FreeAgent account and navigate to the Profit and Loss report, under Accounting > Reports, you can click on the names of the sub-categories under the “Turnover” section, such as “Sales”. This will take you to the “Show Transactions” report with a list of all the individual ledger entries that are contributing to the figure shown on the P&L. It’s then possible to see the turnover attributed to any invoices in the list and you are also able to click through to the invoice for more details on where the particular figure comes from.

As your question does however relate to understanding how the profit and loss turnover is calculated and the manual reconciliation of your invoices for comparison, then if you need further information or someone to chat through this with you, I think our friendly Support Team would be best able to help you out. Details on how to get in touch with Support are available here: Contact us - FreeAgent.

Kind regards,