Help regarding c# sdk

Hi @Ewa_Lipinska

Can you please update me regarding an SDK for freeAgent?


Hi @nishitcaax

I’m afraid we don’t currently offer language-specific SDKs — we find that developers wishing to integrate with FreeAgent are normally quite happy to query our API with the help of one of the standard HTTP client libraries for the programming language they use.

If you’re having trouble integrating the FreeAgent API into your application, you might want to try out our Postman collection — it will allow you to familiarise yourself with the OAuth 2.0 authentication flow, make some sample requests, and even look at code examples for specific languages (I can see it uses the RestSharp library for C#).

Although creating language-specific SDKs is not on our roadmap, if you have any feedback about our current API documentation or why an SDK would be a useful addition, we’d be interested to hear it.

Best wishes,

@nishitcaax my company has internally developed a Freeagent API interface in Python. It’s relatively restricted to what we are using it for, but easily expanded to all API calls. If there was commercial demand we could complete it and offer it as a paid solution.