Go Cardless duplicate payments

I am using the apis to manage invoices.

We have been notified that on some occasions, the payment is taken twice for certain clients but not for every invoice.

My initial thought was for some reason, on these occasions, I am hitting the endpoint twice. However, from the docs, it seems this shouldn’t be possible as the invoice would not meet the criteria the endpoint enforces.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am not using any endpoints other than the ones required to complete the functionality above.

Hi there :wave: James from FreeAgent here.

In order to to help with this we will need a few more bits of info from you.

I can see that someone associated from your account has gotten in touch via our Support Team so I will get back to them via email and we can get this looked at for you.

Thanks for getting in touch, we’ll be in contact shortly.

All the best,

Hi James,

Thank you for your response.

I would be happy to provide that extra information and you can contact me directly. Is that possible on this forum or do you want my email?

Kind regards,

Hey Max,

I have sent you a direct message, so we can continue the conversation there :+1: