Getting data into PowerBi

Has anyone managed to get data from FreeAgent into PowerBi?

Hi @eddablin,
I am interested in doing this as well. We have used Power BI to report on timesheet data quarterly by simply exporting all data and bringing it into Power BI via Excel, but I would now like to do this kind of analysis weekly or even daily via the API. If you have made any progress since your post I would love to hear more.

Hi Rob,

No sadly got a bit stuck (certainly not a developer).




Your message prompted me to have another go. I managed to achieve bringing in projects, contacts etc. and get around pagination so that I could have the data in one big list.

I need to do work on this and polish it up which may take me a while to find some time. I will then let you know how I did it. However, if you wanted to have a go in the meantime, these links were very useful:

Dealing with OAuth2.0 (adapting the code in the second post):
Dealing with pagination: