Generating Reports from the API

I am using the API to generate some custom reports and I have a few
questions about using the API. I am not sure if the normal support email is
the correct one to use, so if not please can you let me know where I should
send it to?

Expenses per Project

I would like to get ‘Expenses per Project’ much in the same was as it is
possible to do with invoices. However according to the documentation this
is not a supported feature. This means that I have to get all expenses from
the system and iterate over them in my code and extract the relevant ones.
As the expenses are paged as well this takes time to do.

Is this something that has been implemented and not documented or is just
not possible? If the latter are there any planned changes to the API?

Creating and Sending Invoices

I want to use the API to create and send multiple invoices, but it does not
appear that al features are available in API.

  • Is it possible to set a flag that allows PayPal link on the email?

  • When an invoice is emailed can variables (that are available in the UI,
    such as PayPal link) be used in the body and FreeAgent resolve them?

  • When the invoice is sent, and a body is supplied will this override any
    template that has been set in the software?

Thanks, Russell