FreeAgent integration with Toggl

Hi team!

I’m very happy with your app but I would like it is possible and I hope that very much people appreciate it, if you could integrate toggl app to create new projects and clients and also to track my tasks.

They have and public API:

I have tried Zapier app with toggl - freeagent and unfortunately they have not included Create Project on freeagent option, only “Create a new task” and “Create a new Contact”. The last one does not work very well. The problem with create a new task is that I have to put it in a existing project. What if the project hasn’t been created yet? And the other problem is I have to create a new zap with every project.

I have already notice them but I would like to say to you too.

It is only a suggestion. Sorry for my English and my “Spanish way of talk” :sweat:

Thank you very much and I hope you have a nice day.


I want this too! I have loads of data on toggl I’d like to link to free agent.

Or perhaps you could alter the timer on free agent? I started to use the timer yeseterday but then inadvertantly left it on. It says I worked for 15 and half hours. My math isn’t good enough to work out what time that meant I started the task yesterday…