FreeAgent API App Registration - Sandbox Login Issue

Hello API Support

I hope you can help me. I am trying out the FreeAgent API in Sandbox for the first time and I am having trouble logging into the Sandbox App.

I am trying to register the App I have created via Google OAuth 2.0 Playground and cannot log onto Sandbox. Hence I am unable able to access my App via HTTP API.

The steps I followed are as follows:

Step 1 - Create a new App in FreeAgent Developer Dashboard

(1. A) The App I created is called Bluesat Test API 1

(1. B) I copied the OAuth identifier and OAuth secret to a Notpad file

Step 2 - I tried registering my Sandbox App via Google Playground.

(2. A) I went to the Google OAuth 2.0 Playground and entered

OAuth identifier into OAuth Client ID
OAuth secret into OAuth client secret

(2. B) I entered “TEST” into Authorize App and clicked the enabled Authorize App button

Step 3 - To complete the App registration, I was requested to log in to Sandbox - which gave me a login failure

(3. A)

After clicking the enabled Authorize App button in step 2, b, I get a login option below from the Sandbox login.

I have tried logging in using my Dev App and company accounts, and in both cases, I get an “email and password” login error.

Both logins fail to authenticate me as a valid user. However, I can successfully login into both accounts via the URLs.

I am unsure what to do nor how to log in to the Sandbox.

Other questions I have, are all the same but use different terminologies: OAuth identifier and Client ID and Authorization Bearer.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks

Hi 007,

Welcome to the FreeAgent API forum :wave:. Thanks for your question, hopefully I can help you out with this.

Thanks for the great detail on the steps you’ve taken so far. When connecting your app to the sandbox API, you will be presented with a login page for FreeAgent sandbox. At this step, you need to log in using the email and password that correspond to an account/company registered on our sandbox. Looking at our Quick Start guide in our API docs, the first step is to create a free sandbox account that you can use to login when authorising your app.

I have searched our records and I can see you have an account on production FreeAgent matching the email you’re using on this forum, however, there is currently no record of an account on our sandbox environment. I would therefore recommend you follow the link above and create a free sandbox account with a different password to that of your other accounts. Once complete, please try to authenticate your app again and use the login details of your sandbox account when prompted.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you need anything further.

Kind regards,


Support Engineer