FreeAgent accountant

Hi, I’m looking for a FreeAgent accountant who can take over my books from my existing accountant. I run a fairly small limited glazing company based in Newcastle upon Tyne and need a new accountant who can offer me the FreeAgent software as part of the package.
Many thanks

Hello Matt,

Thanks for raising your question. Most of users we have on this forum are software developers looking for help building integrations using the FreeAgent API, so normally I’d recommend you get in touch with our Support Team, however I think in this case I should be able to help a little :slight_smile: Our website lists a number of accountancy practices we partner with, and it looks like we have quite a few based in Newcastle! You can find the full list here, and even contact them directly through an online form:

I hope this is useful, Matt! For any other general questions the best thing to do would be to shoot an e-mail to, and our team of Support Accountants will be happy to help.

Best wishes,