Free Agent Trailbalance Issue

HI Team,

We are using free agent to import the trailabalance but one of our client facing the issue

The client has 50 rows but while importing we are getting only 25 rows from trailabalance api

Can you confirm whether we need to add any extra parameters to get full rows at a time

Hi Team,

Any update on above

Waiting for your reply

Hi Sindhu,

Thanks for getting in touch. My name is Carly and I’m one of the Support Engineers here at FreeAgent. We will have a look at your query and the relevant engineering team will reply. Just to let you know that although the forum is a place of discussion for developers; we don’t provide urgent responses to queries here.

Thanks very much- we’ll be in touch again soon.


Hi Sindhu,

Steven here from FreeAgent :wave: I’ve had a look into the problem you’ve described and I believe you are only receiving the first 25 records as that is our API’s default pagination behaviour. Please have a read of our API documentation regarding pagination for an explanation of the parameters you can provide to receive additional records: FreeAgent Developer Dashboard.

I hope you find this useful, please let us know if you still need further help.

Kind regards,