Filter tasks by "updated_since"

The ability to filter certain endpoints by “updated_since” was recently added (Support for updated_since date filter). However, it was not added to the tasks endpoint.

I maintain a Drupal plugin which integrates with FreeAgent to pull down the timeslip data per project.

To do that, I need to fetch the tasks for each project. It is not possible to filter the tasks, other than by project id or view (all, active, hidden, completed).

However, with over a few years worth of projects, that results in a lot of API calls to the service, which, with the introduction of the new rate limiting, is impacting on the data available to the application.

Is there any way we could get this filter added? Even a ‘sort by’ updated_at would help .


I have the same problem. It is rather inconsistent to have it only for some end-points and for others not. We have many tasks accumulated over time - retrieving all them every time is a rather wasteful approach.


We have added support for updated_since date filter and sort options to the tasks API endpoint. Please refer to the documentation for more details:

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Will this be expanded to other APIs?
Projects + Users would be good!