Few Feature Requests

Would be a great help if these could be added.

Live address search. So you can just enter the business name or post code and just select the address. No more manually entering the full address.

Easier way to create custom invoices. My head is fried trying to work out the css way.
Could you not make a template that we can customize in word and then upload it?

Been able to drag and drop invoices on to outgoing transactions.

Hi Steve, my name’s Chris; I’m one of the engineers here at FreeAgent.

Live address search is a fine idea. I’ll get that raised as a feature request, and we’ll consider whether it’s something that can get added to the software.

I have good news about custom invoices. Earlier this year we launched a new easier-to-use Custom Theme option. On the web app, you can find it from the top-right menu (where your company name is shown) → Settings → Theme Gallery → Custom. (Note - not Custom CSS). This offers less freedom than the Custom CSS theme; but you can easily set your invoices’ colours, table layout and font, as well as add and resize your company logo.

Can I ask where you would be wanting to drag and drop invoices onto transactions? For the most part they live in different views, by my understanding; but it’s possible I’ve missed something.

Chris Howlett.