Fabio bulk upload

I want to bulk upload data to create a bunch of invoices. I discovered Fabio and have created an account. However, on trying to download the example template for an upload file I received a warning that the file may be insecure. Has anyone else experienced this and is anyone using Fabio to create invoices?

Manu thanks, Bruce

You’d be best contacting the Fabio support team via their website at Contact Us | Fabio - FreeAgent Bulk Input & Output

Or @captgiro may be able to assist!

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Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the query. Fabio is used pretty much every day by someone to create invoices in bulk.

As for the example files, the files themselves are just CSV or simple Excel files. They’re not “insecure” in themselves. It was just your browser flagging the use of “http” rather than “https” to download the files. To that end, we’ve swapped over the download link to use “https” now, so you shouldn’t see thoses warnings anymore.