Extract Dividends

Hi Everyone,

I’m struggling fo the best way to extract dividend payments. I’m trying to use Bank transactions and filtering on category but the filter doesn’t seem to work


is there a better way of doing this? am I doing something wrong?


Hi, can anyone help with this, please?

Hi Jason :wave:

Welcome to our forum, and thanks a lot for your patience. I’m afraid our API doesn’t have a filter that would allow you to fetch bank transactions that belong to a specific accounting category. That said, if you’re looking for the total amount in the dividend account at a specific point in time, you can obtain it by making a call to the Trial Balance endpoint for a specified date range and extracting the dividend accounts you’re interested in (with nominal code starting with 908). Would that help at all?

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Thanks for this Ewa, I have managed to progress with this information. Really appreciate your time and sorry for the late reply.

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Delighted I could help, thanks Jason! :blush: