Extra, inappropriate categories


The docs for the categories endpoint state:

Returns the list of all categories for the current company…

However I have found extra categories can be returned, requiring additional logic in the caller to filter these out. For example, sole traders are not supposed to have the PAYE/NI category (nominal code 814), nor the Benefit in Kind category (nominal code 904), but they are returned by the API.

When I say “not supposed to”, I established this by setting up a sole trader account in the sandbox and looking at the categories in the dropdown on the bank transaction explanation page.

Have I misunderstood the docs, or made a mistake inspecting the dropdowns in the web interface?

Many thanks in advance,

Andrew Stewart


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for pointing this out. The categories in the bank transaction explanations page and the categories endpoint should be consistent, so I have raised an issue to fix that.

The Benefit in Kind and PAYE/NI categories do appear in the banking section when the sole trade has employees.


Sorry, this is not actually correct - the Benefit in Kind category doesn’t show up in the banking section even if you have employees. It should do though.


Hi Donal,

Thanks for the swift reply – it’s much appreciated.

I had forgotten that some of the categories depend on whether or not there are employees.

Do you think you would be able to update this thread once the fix has been deployed? That would be terrific.

Many thanks,