Export CSS from a site-built theme?


I asked support and they sent me to this forum…

We have customised a theme within the site but wish to export the CSS so we can customise it further. You can only generate CSS from the default themes.

Is there any way around this?

Hi RickyNova,

Firstly, welcome to the FreeAgent API forum! Secondly, as you may have suspected, there isn’t currently a way for you to cleanly grab the CSS from the customisable theme tool. The best you can probably do is use your browser’s development tools to extract the CSS for the page. This will be awkward though; the newish theme customiser uses CSS variables in various places, and so you’d likely need to some work to pull those out.

Since we’re always looking for feedback, can I ask what it is that you’re not able to achieve with the theming tool? We know there are a few things it doesn’t achieve yet, but hearing from someone who is actively seeking to make a change to the CSS is helpful to guide future work for us.

If you’d prefer to provide the feedback off the public form, feel free to send me a direct message on the forum.

I hope that helps somewhat, and sorry that there isn’t an easier way for you to achieve what you want right now.


Hi James, no problem. I just wanted to expand the ‘details’ column as 50% of the page is for quantity, vat, sub totals. Adding not a lot of text makes the estimate file multiple pages when it doesn’t need to.
I can adjust existing CSS but I think it’s beyond me translating from dev tools to CSS that FA wants to see.
Thanks for responding


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