Email tags in templates

Hi. I am not sure if this is the right place to be posting this so sorry if its inappropriate.
As a FreeAgent user I would like to be able to customise invoice emails to include the PO reference in the email subject line and or body of email text. Oddly PO numbers are omitted from the list of email tags available for creating email templates. Is there a tag available for this but not shown in the list or is this something that needs development should FreeAgent choose to do so?

Hiya amsndcaskc_n1! :wave:

I’m Caroline from FreeAgent’s support engineering team. You’re correct, we don’t currently offer PO numbers as a tag for email templates, but it’s a great idea.

Would you be happy to email that suggestion to and ask them to write it up as a feature request?

This forum is more for folks who are working with the FreeAgent API to build their own integrations and tools, but it feels like you’re working directly with the FreeAgent web application - if you have any questions or suggestions as you work with the FreeAgent web app, the best resources for you are our knowledge base and our support team. You can contact them with the wee “Help” button found throughout the application or by emailing

Happy Accounting!