EC VAT reporting - post-Brexit?


The company resource has an ec_vat_reporting_enabled attribute. I presume this is used post-Brexit to indicate whether you need to use VAT rates other than standard UK ones?

The attribute ec_status, which is found on various resources, has now come to mean “VAT option” – is that correct?

One of ec_status’s allowed values is UK/Non-EC. Presumably that now effectively means UK-only or perhaps GB-only?

When creating resources which have an ec_status, is it only necessary to specify the ec_status if the company’s ec_vat_reporting_enabled is true?

Many thanks in advance,

Andrew Stewart

Hi Andrew,

Apologies for the delay on the response.

  • Yes, this value mirrors the “Do you need to use VAT rates other than standard UK ones?” setting on the companies VAT Registration settings page and defines whether or not we show them the option to select VAT Options on the FreeAgent application.
  • Essentially, yes. We’ve updated the label on the FreeAgent application but have no current plans to change the API further around this.
  • That option is just standard UK VAT treatment, so no EC, no Reverse Charge, it’s essentially the default setting if a user hasn’t checked the box mentioned in response 1.
  • Correct.