"ec_status can't be set because the the transaction date is outside the VAT registration period"

When sending an ec_status I am getting back the error:

ec_status can’t be set because the the transaction date is outside the VAT registration period

My settings currently show “Not Registered” for VAT but the “Enabled VAT MOSS Reporting” box is ticked, this is because I am not over the threshold for VAT registration in the UK but must still comply with VAT MOSS legislation.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/NTfsxMa.png

Presumably the fact that I am getting this error is something to do with not being VAT registered, but I can’t see any option to change this or change VAT registration dates. My best guess would be that the system is getting confused by not being VAT registration but still trying to report ec_status.

This is what i’m sending:

array:8 [
  "bank_account" => "{id}"
  "dated_on" => "2017-06-08T17:24:51+01:00"
  "description" => "{My Description}"
  "entry_type" => "Sales"
  "gross_value" => "10.00"
  "ec_status" => "EC VAT MOSS"
  "place_of_supply" => "France"
  "sales_tax_rate" => 20.0

This used to work to fine and seems to have stopped working around June 8th.

Any help?

Hi @robjbrain,

Thanks for the detailed report.

Sorry it took us so long to get back to you.
You are right, and we’ll put a fix together to bring that feature back soon.


Thanks for the response. Any idea of a timeframe? Before the end of the month would be good for accounts.

Hi @robjbrain,

I have more than a timeframe!
The fix got pushed on production this morning.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for the detailed report.

Ignore this I made an error, everything is working fine!

Oh great to hear this!

Enjoy the API :slight_smile: