Earliest date for cashflow

Which date from the following (returned by /company) should I use as the from_date for /cashflow - essentially I need the earliest possible date that Freeagent has cashflow data from?

company_start_date Date the business or company was started in YYYY-MM-DD format Date
trading_start_date Date company commenced trading (if it is different from company_start_date) Date
first_accounting_year_end Unless known otherwise, should be one year after the end of the month company was started Date
freeagent_start_date Transactions dated on or after this date will be used by FreeAgent to calculate accounts (normally the start of an accounting year to keep things simple) Date

The docs don’t confirm which one would always be provided by /company?

Many thanks!

Hi @urunotao,

Ewa from FreeAgent here again :wave: The FreeAgent start date is the best indication of when a company began to keep their transactions in FreeAgent – there shouldn’t be any transactions dated earlier than that (anything from before the FreeAgent start date should be accounted for in the opening balances).

This article on our Knowledge Base gives you a handy overview of accounting dates for a company: Accounting dates

As for your other question, you can expect the /v2/company endpoint to always return company_start_date, first_accounting_year_end, and freeagent_start_date; the trading_start_date will normally only be set if it’s different from the company_start_date.

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Thanks @Ewa_Lipinska ! Helpful as always! :smile: :sunflower:

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