Due_on versus payment_terms_in_days for subscriptions



From a FreeAgent user’s perspective (ie. when a human uses the web based UI, rather than the API), when setting up an invoice, or recurring invoice for a subscription based service, it would be more convenient to complete a due_on field, than to calculate the payment_terms_in_days. In the UI’s current state, the due_on field isn’t exposed. Of course, if calling the API directly, one could automate the calculation (on the API client-side) beforehand.

Example monthly subscription:

  • Invoices are sent every month, on the 21st day
  • The due date is the 1st day of the next month

Example annual subscription:

  • Invoices are sent a calendar month in advance of renewal (1st of the month)
  • The due date is the 1st day of the next month

I would imagine that the following would be the simplest approach to improving this UX issue:

Use a radio selection on the UI, to specify either option. In the background, if due_on is selected, the UI calculates the mandatory payment_terms_in_days field and inserts it.